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Panama Real Estate Consultants, Inc (PAREC) offers not only real estate listings but professional consulting and project management for the average investor or the large corporate project. With over 30 years of experience in the Real Estate Market, the Moses family and its associates will guide you from the basics to the most complex real estate venture. 

Below a list of the services provided by PAREC: 
• Project Consulting and Management
• Feasibility Studies
• Project Financing
• Architectural Consulting

Project Management and Consulting 

Panama Real Estate Consultants, Inc. (PAREC) specializes in providing project management services for any or all phases of a project. PAREC has extensive expertise to direct, support and coordinate the management, construction and inspection activities of any project whether large or small. We are proficient in overseeing and directing both  company support work and third party subcontractors to ensure that budget and schedule forcasts are met. On all projects, PAREC works as the right hand of the client to carry out all budgets and organizational tasks. Project management plays an integral role in defining the infrastructure needed to support the project and its execution to make the project sucsesfull from start to finish. 

From inception, the role of PAREC is to define and clarify the basis that will dictate subsequent project activities. During project execution, PAREC focuses on changes from preparation to performance and to locate resources availability, performance  and costs controls that become the prime project goals.

PAREC recognizes the value of properly documenting and closing a project. It is our goal to leave each client with all the information necessary to subsequently track all aspects of the project and its final configuration. This is critical for government documentation and any subsequent work that is needed for tax declarations.

PAREC prides itself on developing and maintaining strong allegiances among its clients. This can only be achieved by creative and innovative approaches to each assignment coupled with strong and versatile project management. 

Feasibility Studies

Our feasibility studies are the basis for a formal analysis of a prospective real estate project. The goal of a feasibility study is to give the investor a clear evaluation of the potential for sales and profit for a particular idea. Therefore, the feasibility analyses focuses on the market size, competing ideas, the pricing structure and, given the three of these, the likely sales and profits of the prospective project. These factors are designed to provide "go-no go" decisions. The following general categories typically comprise our feasibility studies: 

- Industry Outlook 
- Market Potential 
- Target Martkets and Area Comparisons 
- Promotions and Sales 
- Competition
- Pricing Strategy for the Desired Product 
- Operating Profitability 
- Investment Budget Forecast 
- Return on Investment 
- Tax Consequences

Project Financing

Panama Real Estate Consultants (PAREC), defines and implements innovative and achievable financing strategies for private sector real estate projects. We create value for each client by crafting financial solutions that seek to lower borrowing costs, while saving time and enhancing flexibility and minimizing financial and political risk. We will help you work with local and international banks to find the best solutions for all your financial needs.

What we can do for you:

- Project Structure & Management 
- Cash Flows 
- Feasibilities Studies 
- Revenue and Land Secured Loan
- Tax Exempt and Taxable Structures 
- Private Partnership Strategies 
- Revenue and Tax Forecasting 
- Acquisitions Programs 
- Hand to Hand Liaison between Bank and Client

Architectural Consulting 

Our Architectural Consulting service will guide you and give you all the advice necessary when it comes to meeting with an architect and helping you understand the language and laws involved with the designing needed to make a project successful.

We will work with you on your Design Phase concepts to create a design with specifications that will hit your service targets. We will help implement the specifications needed by monitoring substrate preparation, design application, and environmental conditions during the Construction Phase and all aspects needed to make the project feasible.

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